Waiting for Genius

D’Angelo, Frank and Maxwell.

Since the passing of Prince I’ve been pondering why I became a diehard fan of his and something rare that is attributable to the cult of Prince is the sheer quantity of work he put out there. There was much that could frustrate and confound his followers but when it came to delivering content to listen, dissect and discuss we were never left wanting. And that’s before we get into the morally murky area of Prince bootlegs. When you ‘dig’ art or possess the ‘fannish gene’ there is an insatiable appetite for  more content, that’s why Star Wars is a billion dollar franchise – we like a thing, we want more please. If someone told me they had a new Prince joint in their bag, my response would be “why are we still talking and why am I not listening to that new …ish right now!?”


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