From the moment I could speak, I always had an interest in “the arts (dahling!)”. My Mum used to joke that this was because she played a lot of Andrew Lloyd Webber cast recordings while I was in the womb. With my West End Wendy tendencies, I initially pursued a career as an actor, attaining a BA (Hons) Degree in Performing Arts from the University of Salford. During this time I collaborated in devising and mounting a touring fringe production.

After a few too many years working for free and waiting for my agent to call, I started to think about what else I was good at. I’ve always been a geek, needing to know EVERYTHING about that which I’m passionate about; be it funk music, especially the Purple Yoda from the heart of Minnesota, Prince, superhero comic books, Doctor Who or explorations of race in America. With that in mind, I turned my attention to journalism – hoping to use the same passion and thoroughness in my writing. This led me to where I am today, studying MA Multimedia Journalism part time at MMU, a challenge I am relishing.



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